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ABC of Job Interviews

I is for Irritation You could be kept waiting or you might be asked a question that aggravates you. Try not to show any irritation, whether by what you say or by your expression. The interviewers might be trying to find out how you deal with difficult questions or they might simply be very annoying people. J is for Joviality It’s probably better to be cheerful rather than sullen, unless

Businessman: How to regain confidence and self-esteem:  essay for WriteMyEssaylooza contest

Hi, guy, this is my an essay for WriteMyEssaylooza contest. Hope you enjoy, and, btw, join the contest too. To live and grow as a businessman, you must have a solid confidence every day! You have to juggle the external limits, your own doubts and at the same time make all key decisions. Because you will sell, trade, transmit your passion and motivate your team. When you are dealing with a

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Every school or college teacher encourages students to study and some students may feel as if they are being forced to study. That can cause a negative impact on their productivity if these students do not know how to study effectively. Some teachers may go beyond that by giving some useful methods on how to improve in studying but preferences amongst students can vary. There is no universal method of

How to Study in College

What’s the Perfect Study Room First of all, you commonly hear the advice that you should just study in the same study place. However, in studies conducted by cognitive scientists, it has been found that you have better retentive quality of you study in alternating places.  If you change the places where you study, the greater would be your memory retention. Tools of Aid Next, while studying, make use of

Basics of Studying Effectively

If you are interested in learning how to study effectively, you are not alone. Millions upon millions of individuals worldwide find that they face challenges when working to retain information that they may need at a future time. This is especially true when it comes to students. It does not matter how old a person is, what they are studying, what type of educational facility they are part of or