Rogue Company, Hi-Rez’s new cooperative shooter, is shown on the move for the first time. And he paints

Rogue Company, the new game from Hi-Rez Studios, now has its first video with gameplay. Since it was announced for Switch at Nintendo Direct on September 4, 2019, we can’t say that we have seen or read much more about it. Some media were able to test it, yes, but it hasn’t generated much movement in general.

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It’s a cooperative shooter that seems to have some connections to Paladin-type games, also from Hi-Rez, but in this case with a third person view instead of first person. In addition, it seems that in terms of tone Rogue Company bets on something more macho than seen in the typical hero shooters like the aforementioned Paladins or Overwatch itself.

The approach to the genre, as you will have seen, is approached from the perspective of the pure and simple shooter: here you shoot with known types of weapons: rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns and shotguns, for example. But then there’s the twist, the interesting thing: to all this is added the layer of unique skills that each character has. And the ability to throw a katana like a knife and then retrieve it in Thor’s hammer style is cool.

There will be 4v4 and 2v2 game modes to start with, and the developers promise to expand the game over time with new characters, modes, weapons and gadgets.

There is no definitive release date at this time, but it is expected to arrive on PC next summer via Epic Games Store, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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