RPG games on PS3

If the first role players (back in the 70s) had had a PS3, they would have swapped dice, pen and paper for the control pad. Your console is enough to take you into fantasy worlds full of creatures to fight – action, exploration, magic and many adventures await you in your living room! When playing, don’t forget to watch your hydration level. Use this¬†reminder to drink water to help you!
After a few years in which role-playing games were in their infancy, PS3 has become an excellent console for enjoying all kinds of RPGs, from classic Japanese role-playing games with their turn-based battles and fantasy worlds, to very different Western proposals, with much more action and very original approaches.

Here you have a selection of 8 role-playing games for PS3 that you can currently enjoy on your console. We have selected games that are for sale and that have different characteristics, in an attempt that you find the role playing game that fits your style of game and your tastes: action, turns, fantasy, space…

Of course, there are more RPGs on PS3 (you’ll miss Oblivion or the Fallout), but the idea is to show you a general picture of the genre on PS3. Enjoy it.

Dark Souls

The second installment of one of the “sleepers” of 2010 (Demon’s Soul), endorsed the quality of the saga … And its high difficulty.

Setting and characters. The Kingdom of Astora presents all the topics of fantasy (living skeletons, orcs, ruined castles…) and manages to surround the player with an oppressive feeling of loneliness. A unique atmosphere that makes us feel in constant danger, which is reinforced by the high difficulty of the game. Therefore it is key to choose a suitable character among the different classes (warrior, mage…) and improve it with head.

Development and combat. Exploration is very present in Dark Souls (we can choose different paths) and there are NPCs to talk to, but the key is tremendously difficult combats despite its simple control system. An oversight in any movement (they all consume energy), can be fatal. Although you will fall many times, the gameplay measure and his special charisma will make you try again. And we can follow the advice that other players leave online (watch out for false clues and treasonous attacks) or cooperate at certain times.

Technical and DLC section. Its dark medieval aesthetics with gothic touches will trap you in technically compliant and artistically interesting environments. The cherry on top is an original soundtrack that mixes choruses and epic music. And if you want to “suffer” more, the DLC “Artorias of the Abyss” adds new areas, enemies, weapons…

Final Fantasy XIII-2

After some unfavourable criticism for the linear development of Final Fantasy XIII, this new installment has made the saga great again.

Setting and characters. The story is linked to FFXIII, but with a new plot and two new characters: Serah (Lightning’s sister) and the young Noel. Thanks to Cristarium (the skill tree), we can choose which new moves the characters learn when they level up. Skills needed to advance in a story where the key is the time travel and where there is no lack of epic touches typical of the saga and spectacular videos.

Development and combat. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Offers more exploration than the Final Fantasy XIII line and more development options: travel to different eras, conversations that affect the plot, mini-games… The combats are still in real time and during them we can select the commands that our heroes will perform, but there are more formations, Quick Time Events have been included and we can summon creatures to fight by our side. All this to create a deep, varied development with many possibilities.

Technical and DLC section. Both the videos and the game engine are impressive both technologically and artistically. The sound section is also at a high level, highlighting its beautiful melodies. And to top it all off, we have a wide range of DLC: costumes, weapons, new episodes starring other characters…

Game of Thrones

If you like novels or the “Game of Thrones” series, here is the perfect excuse to continue enjoying its rich and credible universe…

Setting and characters. You will recognize some of the locations and some of the main characters, as the story has been created for the game, but it runs parallel to the first book. We control two characters: Mors Westford, Nightwatchman (with a dog to help him attack or search for treasure) and Alester Sarwyck, a red priest who can set fire to the sword. You will be able to choose between several skills when you level up.

Development and combat. Although Game of Thrones has interesting elements (several endings, good story …), the development is tedious because of how linear are their missions and levels, the amount of banal conversations that await us and the low motivation when exploring some scenarios very little interactive. Combats improve things thanks to a certain tactical touch: they take place in real time and we have to choose what actions we take (there are a good number of skills) and the weapon (a decisive factor in destroying the different types of armour). However, they end up being tiring, especially because of their lack of spectacularity.

Technical and DLC section. There is a lot of room for improvement: the character design is poor, the animations are rough and the scenarios are too empty. The sound section is not for shooting rockets either (the voices in English and the sounds of the combats are not very strong), but it offers the interesting melodies of the series. DLC is scheduled to be released soon.

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